Surf coaching with Barton Lynch



Surf coaching with Barton Lynch around Sydney’s famous northern beaches. World champion of surfing in 1988, Barton explains to his young aspiring pros how to be focussed and prepared to win.



Allenamento con Barton Lynch nelle famose “northern beaches ” di Sydney, Australia. Insegna al suo team di giovani aspiranti pros come concentrarsi per vincere.



Surfers // Cooper Chapman, Matt King, Harry Girdler, Kai Hing, Darcy Crump, Jordan Lawler, Jamie Krups.


Yoga by Holly Lynch


Filmed and Edited by Eugenio Barcelloni


Shot on the Canon 5D mark3


Graphics by Enrico Fioraso


Music credit // Nicolas Jaar – Être

February 2013
Text // Video // Eugenio Barcelloni
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