A journey made of images, frenzied, through woods, across beaches and cities along the Basque coast. A “DejaVu” between breaking waves, sand banks that come and go, through tiny streets and tunnels, rushing in the car or on along the wooden boards at the water’s edge, a collection of memories that together make [...]
March 2015

Plastic Paradise



Ocean pollution and dead animals!


Plastic Paradise: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch || trailer


For more information on how to bring the film to your school/community or a theater near you please email us at:


Get involved and/or volunteer for our street team:


Pre-Order the DVD and [...]
March 2015

External world (1.0)



Mix of waves and desert.


Directed by Kai Neville


Music by Jonny Greenwood Recommend on Facebook Tweet about it
March 2015

soulsticio 1



Video with really good vibes in the deep south of Chile.


STARRING my good friend Leon Vicuna and Diego Medina, some of the best surfers in South America and some of the best waves..


DIRECTED // Diego Rojas Recommend on Facebook Tweet about it
July 2014




STRANGE RUMBLINGS IN SHANGRI LA is a modern surf film that documents an unforgettable worldwide journey from the frigid shores of ICELAND to the sultry coastline of MOZAMBIQUE. From well-known spots in EUROPE to exotic islands off the coast of BRAZIL and into DEEPEST INDONESIA, this is their greatest adventure yet.


Directed [...]
July 2014

Por El Viento



Give a look to the last work of REEF ambassador Arthur Bourbon.


When storms and south wind rage on our coast, there’s nothing better than looking for adventure across the border. We took five intense days to reach Galicia, surfing all the way, in the Bask Country, Asturias…


Directed by Arthur [...]
May 2014




Directed by Salomon Ligthelm and Dan DiFelice, “ANOMALY” is the story of broken relationships, and an astronomical event intertwining the various narrative threads – an abstract interpretation of the historical Christmas narrative.


ANOMALY is coming soon and will be released on summer 2014! Recommend on Facebook Tweet about it
May 2014




Last year I shot this free surf session at Keramas during the WCT period in Bali.


SURFERS // Dusty Payne, Frederick Patacchia, Nat Young, Yadin Nicol, Felipe Toledo, Gabriel Medina, Mick Fanning.


FILMED AND EDITED // Eugenio Barcelloni Recommend on Facebook Tweet about it
April 2014

COLONNA – tradition meets quality



Take a minute to look into the Colonna Estate: improving quality to deliver the perfume of Italian extra virgin olive oils.


Filmed and edited by Eugenio Barcelloni


Music by Philip Glass – The Secret Agent Recommend on Facebook Tweet about it
April 2014

Pipeline Winter 2013



Some nice aerial footage by Eric Sterman. Filmed with GoPro + drone. Recommend on Facebook Tweet about it
March 2014
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